It’s time for a new way to manage your business

Starting with terminals to accept payments, we build solutions to power business growth.
We strive to differentiate on care and are always ready to deliver personal support.
We create access to the care and technology local businesses need to win.
We’re combining the latest POS terminal hardware with a range of benefits to give our customers access to a simple, reliable, and powerful mix of payment services.

Think next day settlements, third party integrations, high safety standards, flexible payment options, payment links, instalments, currency conversion and more.
We have built a powerful electronic point-of-sale solution tailored to restaurants and other local hospitality businesses.

Send orders to the kitchen, receive alerts, customise table plans, process quick service and allow customers to split bills or combine them across tables.
Stock management
Using our stock management solution, local businesses can automatically maintain stock levels, track occupancy rates and monitor employee performance.

Users can set up alerts for suspicious transactions or low inventory levels. Data insights can be accessed straight from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Customer loyalty
Our customer loyalty solution offers simple auto-earn points collection and redemption using card-linked loyalty for end users.

Local businesses can set up campaigns to incentivise new sign-ups, monitor frequency of visit and average spend, and analyse its impact through our reporting solution.
Our appointment solution offers beauticians, hairdressers and other service providers a software solution to collect reservations, payments, and loyalty from their customers.

Automatic reminders and notifications can reduce no-shows and reduce inbound calls. Our reporting solution can help track customer trends over time.
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