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Start by accepting payment

High-quality hardware

NFC contactless payments, 4G/3G/2G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, up to 10h battery and SIM card included.

Next-day settlements

Your money is your money. You receive payments, we settle your transactions the next business day.


Up to 12 instalments and low interest rates for your customers. Money in advance for you.

Pay by Link

A secure way to receive and manage orders taken by phone without the need to ask for card details.

Grow through our powerful integrations


An amazing integration with loyalty wallets, like Yoyo Go, to provide instant rewards, generate more loyal customers and increase your sales.

Once you create loyalty campaigns, your terminal is ready to instantly reward your loyal customers and onboard new ones.


Seamless integration between your ePOS and our terminal.

When closing an order on your ePOS, the terminal receives the amount and wirelessly gets ready to accept a card payment.

Local Services

Sell services, accept bill payments, become a collection point and top-up your customers’ wallets.

All through an integration with service providers in your own country and city, like our Pagaqui stores in Portugal.

Get onboarded quickly.

Our agent will visit you, onboard you and activate your terminal. All in under 10 minutes.

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